Adopted Adults (18+)

Can obtain identifying information.

Step 1: Is to obtain information from the government department. Contact below for application forms and other information.

The Office of National Statistics
General Register Office
Smedley Hydro, Trafalgar Rd
Ph: 0011 44 151 471 4830
Fax: 0011 44 151 471 4755

You will be required to attend an interview with a licensed counsellor. If you wish to use our services, return the completed application form to the UK with Adoption Jigsaw nominated as the counselling agency here in Perth. The documents will be sent to us and you will be notified by them, you can then phone for an appointment with our counsellor to receive your information. Jigsaw can provide search and contact for adoptees born in England and Wales.

Birth Parents

Cannot obtain identifying information. They can obtain some non-identifying information and can place their name on a contact register. If the adoption was through an agency eg Barnado’s and in some local areas, you may be able to obtain some information and they may be able to search and contact on your behalf. A Bill is presently before Parliament that would enable licensed agencies to search and make contact on behalf of all birth parents and some relatives eg siblings. If passed it is anticipated the bill will not come into affect till 2004.

Our services – We can assist you with information, counselling, search, contact and mediation.
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Scotland, Northern Island and Republic of Ireland

Contact Jigsaw and we can refer you to private researchers in the relevant country.